earthquake in the Tokyo area

earthquake in the Tokyo area

The epicenter of shocks was under the seabed off the coast of Chiba Prefecture neighboring Tokyo. The shaking occurred today at 9.16 local time (2.16 Polish time).

Earthquakes are quite a phenomenon in Japan. Approximately 20 percent occurs there. world shakes about magnitude 6 or stronger.

Japan is located in the seismically active region constituting a fragment of the so-called the fiery circle surrounding the Pacific Ocean.The epicenter of the shock was in the Sea of ​​Japan at a depth of about 10 kilometers. There is no information about victims or major damage. The authorities reported that there were no irregularities at the nuclear power plant in the Niigata prefecture on the Japanese Sea.

All reactors of this power plant have been shut down since the 2011 earthquake that caused the nuclear disaster at Fukushima. The tsunami wave to one meter can cause flooding in low-lying coastal areas, however, the Japanese coasts are protected by coastal embankments.

In the west of France there was an earthquake which, although it shocked the inhabitants, did not cause any major damage. Internet users from various parts of the region began to send information about how the phenomenon looked at their place of residence.

According to The Independent, a 5.1 magnitude magnitude earthquake was felt on Friday morning in the west of France, and its epicenter was near the city of Bressuire, lying between Angers and La Rochelle. The quake was also felt in Le Mans, Nantes, Rennes and Caen. Strong shocks are relatively rare for France, which rarely experiences seismic activity on such a scale.

Strong and short shock

While the services reported that the earthquake did not cause damage to the region, Internet users reported the course of the phenomenon. On the France Info site, comments appeared that some residents thought that a large plane or trucks were passing near their home. -you can visit this site for more knowledge united states geological survey earthquake hazards program.

I live in Saintes and I felt that the house was trembling for about five seconds as if it wanted to break away from the ground – reported one of the commentators. The resident of Vendome said that the walls were shaking in his house.

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